Wood Floors -
  Warmth. Timeless beauty. Breathtaking. With stains and finishes that come in an array of colors, you can achieve a distinctive look guaranteed to make your guests envious. Make a statement that suits your lifestyle and spruce up the personality of your home with a new wood floor, or recondition an old one.

Why Wood?
Lots of looks to choose from: finished, unfinished, engineered, strip, plank, parquet and acrylic impregnated.

Easy maintenance with less wear and tear compared to other flooring.

Provides a healthy home option for those with allergies.

Maintains and can even increase home value over time.

Making the Grade...
Wood floors come in grades, which offer different looks. Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, rustic or exotic, there's a wood look that will complement your home's decor.
The Grades: Clear, Select, Common, First, Second and Third.
First Grade: Offers the best appearance, natural color variations and limited character marks.
Other grades range from defect-free with minor imperfections to displaying knots, flags, wormholes, various color shades and a host of other natural wood characteristics.
One-year warranty includes wall-to-wall satisfaction.
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